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Welcome to your Subweight 1 Quiz

1. Being healthy is:
2. How much weight do you need to lose to make a difference?
3. A person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is:
4. Being overweight or obese:
5. Some problems that diet & exercise can help with are:
6. The Eatwell guide shows us that:
7. Fruit & vegetables:
8. foods Problem:
9. To lose weight healthily in the long-term it helps to:
10. Which drinks are healthy?
11. Making small changes to how much I eat is:
12. Snacking is:
13. Good changes to make include:
14. The amount of food on my plate
15. Habits are:
16. Good ‘healthy living’ habits are:
17. Bad habits are:
What is generally considered a sensible amount of weight to lose each week?
Studies show that people who eat a wider variety of foods:
How many different foods is ideal to consume each day for optimum health?

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