Does Black Tea Help You Lose Weight? 5 Secrets about It

Due to the overwhelming percentage of obese people in America, the identification of latest weight loss methods has become a significant concern for scientists in past years. Many weight loss programs have been implemented over the years, most requiring energetic workouts, dieting, or a full lifestyle overhaul. Amazingly, one of these techniques has been concealed all along in your shelves. They exist in small packages and are consumed mostly in the mornings— it’s black tea. So Does black tea help you lose weight? read the article below to now the secrets.

Statistics show that black tea is 80% of all tea consumed in the U.S. Black tea is packed with nutrients similar to white and green teas, but black tea began to gain appreciation for its weight loss advantages only in latest years. Like green tea, black tea has a good quantity of caffeine, but when it gets to shedding those extra pounds, flavonoids special to black tea show significance. From now on you should likely begin exchanging your favourite drinks with black tea.

The Truth behind Black Tea to help Losing Weight

Does Black Tea Help You Lose Weight
The Truth behind Black Tea to help Losing Weight

Tea’s history extends away some five thousand years ago. Its initial use was quite distinct from today’s perspective of tea drinking. To maintain one’s temperature up, tea was taken as a concoction back then and was consumed mainly to benefit from its essential nutrients.

It wasn’t until many years later when tea became a leisure drink with the advent of creative herbs, milk, and other mixtures that make the traditional tea a lot more pleasant to drink.

Black tea has become, for many tea enthusiasts, a common choice because of its powerful taste. The most oxidised variant of tea, however, is also known to cause a spike in energy level, improving immunity, heart health, controlling cholesterol concentrations and regulating weight.

The tea’s many health benefits are attributed to flavonoids, the sort of antioxidants discovered in tea. The tea of all kinds is produced from the same herb leaves, so all varieties comprise the flavonoid group known as catechins. Catechins are the main flavonoids in green tea. When processing the leaves to produce black tea, catechins generate thearubigins and theaflavin, new kinds of flavonoids. While catechins may still be available in black tea, they are mainly benefited by their own collection of flavonoids.

How Can Drinking Black Tea Help you lose Weight ?

1- Changes in Gut Bacteria

A research in the European Nutrition Journal discovered that black tea adds to weight loss and health with support from a particular system through the gut microbiome. This process differs completely from that of green tea particles. The research indicated that black tea related to obesity and increased gut bacteria associated with lean body mass reduced gut bacteria.

2- Lowers Triglyceride Levels

It has been shown that the flavonoids in black tea reduced visceral fats and triglyceride concentrations as well as prevent obesity caused by inflammation.

3- Low-Calorie Drink

Black tea has only about two calories per cup. It also has 0% of cholesterol and saturated fat. If a cup of black tea has more than two calories, it is generally associated with additional products like sugar or milk. It’s better to drink it alone to get the greatest weight loss benefits.

Keep in mind that weight loss only works when you take something moderately. This type of tea contains more caffeine than green tea and other types of tea. Do not consume too much caffeine as it will result in dehydration.

In addition, there are tannins in black tea, the substance that is responsible for its powerful taste. While tannins are found in many tea types, black tea is what contains most. Generally, when consumed moderately, tannins are safe, but too much can disturb the stomach and trigger nausea and vomiting.

It should not be overdone to take black tea as part of your weight loss system. You should also ensure that the drink is kept as pure as possible and fattening products are shoved aside. Keep also a record of your consumption of black tea.

What are the Benefits of Black Tea?

Tea Cup
What are the Benefits of Black Tea?

1- Boosts Metabolism

Caffeine can help you boost basal metabolism by 6%, according to a research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It also promotes lipolysis or a breakdown of stored fat in the body and promotes cycles which metabolize fats. Caffeine can assist to maintain weight off for a long time, too.

Drinking more caffeine does not imply faster metabolism. You can only drink 5-10 cups of black tea, up to 400 milligrams per day in order to be safe. Since many products do not show how much caffeine per cup you are drinking, it is essential to maintain a record of how much tea you consume every day. Caffeine-sensitive people should also be conscious of the side effects and consume less. The same is true of individuals with high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.

2- Reduces Calorie Intake

If you use black tea as a replacement for your favorite beverages, which are often filled with high quantities of calories, your calorie consumption will be reduced. As stated, there are only 2 calories in a cup of black tea. The total quantity should be between 20 and 23 calories If you add sweeteners and taste enhancers. A considerable amount of consumed calories is decreased by shifting to black tea and consequently help you lose weight.

By a large soda you will take over 400 calories. There are 100 calories in a cup of sweetened cola, with the whole can amount to 150 calories. Imagine how much calories you will lose if you shift

Before meals, there’s a trick which is drinking water to let the brain think you’re full, so you consume less when you eat. This trick is supported by two research published in the Obesity journal, which discovered that those who took cold or warm water before eating lost more weight compared to those who ate nothing at all. As the body metabolizes water, this will also assist to consume more calories.

While researches have used water as the beverage of choice, serving a black tea cup before meals is assumed to have the same impact.

Chinese Black Tea Aids in Losing Weight

Tea Cup
Chinese Black Tea Aids in Losing Weight

Black tea is called such because once it is oxidized, the tea leaves transform black, which is necessary to create new flavonoids. However, when black tea is brewed, it sheds its dark color and becomes reddish, which is why it is called red tea in China.

Chinese black tea is different from what we are drinking in the United States. The same leaves are used, but there is a distinct fermentation method. The leaves are fermented and stored for a very long time by microorganisms. The outcome is a tea with a distinct flavor and distinct flavonoids set.

Chinese black tea extract is better in burning fat compared to those who haven’t drunk the concoction. The observation was made in a research published in 2011 in the Journal of Nutrition Research.

Chinese black tea is sold throughout The U.S, so if the objective is to get rid of rigid fat in the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks, you choose Chinese black tea rather than normal black tea.

How Each Tea is Different

Does Black Tea Help You Lose Weight
How Each Tea is Different

No matter what kind of tea is good for weight loss, they all have one thing in common— they originate from the Camelia Sinensis leaf. How each tea is handled is what leaves them distinct from each other.

1- Black Tea

This is widely used in Chinese restaurants to make iced tea and the tea variant often consumed. Black tea is fermented — a method that causes black color to leaves and raises the amount of caffeine.

Black tea has a rich and powerful flavor and is already establishing a name for itself in the weight loss world because of its ability to alter the absorption of fats in the gut.

Stay away from any type of flavor enhancers like milk, honey, or sugar to ensure that black tea supports you on your weight loss journey.

2- Green Tea

Does Black Tea Help You Lose Weight
Green Tea

Green tea, which sets tea norms for weight loss, is not undergoing the fermentation method. The leaves are merely steamed and manually crushed. This type of tea is has a high level of EGCG which is type of catechin that assists the body lose weight. Some researches have discovered that the green tea EGCG can help lose at least 3 lbs over a 3-month.

You should consume about seven cups of green tea each day to get the best amount of this catechin. However, bear in mind that extracts of green tea are much powerful and can trigger liver damage if consumed in large quantities.

3- White Tea

White tea is the lowest processed variant and has a sweeter and softer flavor. It is tasty and efficient in weight loss. Luckily, white tea can contribute to the breakdown of fatty stores within the body and, moreover, it can prevent new fat cells.

4- Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is produced from tea leaves that are dried manually. This variant’s leaves are often laid out in the sun. Oolong tea is strong in catechins, similar to green tea and black tea, which implies it can also assist to get rid of fat and prevent from gaining weight.

Making the Perfect Cup of Black Tea to Help You Lose Weight

Does Black Tea Help You Lose Weight
Making the Perfect Cup of Black Tea

Tea lovers and those who aren’t so eager to consume tea understand that making tea is very easy. But you should concentrate on timing and accuracy to drink the finest black tea.

You need to collect three items: water, tea leaves, and a sweetener if you want. Start serving the ideal cup once you’ve got all these stuff. Get a saucepan and pour water. The quantity depends on how many cups you have to make. Add sugar or cubes in water and heat on medium flame for about two minutes, while stirring occasionally.

Sprinkle the tea leaves when the water begins to boil. Over medium fire, stir for another two minutes . Check for the right color and balance. Strain the black tea and enjoy your delicious cup.

You must stir your tea for approximately 3 to 5 minutes, a common rule for making tea. However, it still has to be your choice if you want a milder or better brew. Tea leaves must also be taken into account for their quality.

Do not boil the tea longer to create a better brew — only the tea will become more bitter. Use more tea leaves instead. Notice that you may not get the finest taste at a low water temperature. So make sure your tea boils at least two times before it is taken out.

Don’t use distilled water when making black tea because it leads to a flat and rather tasteless black tea. Use fresh water at all times, one that is still not boiled.

The Last Word

Does Black Tea Help You Lose Weight
Every time a fresh cup is safe

You can drink black tea in the morning with toast or, as English people do, in the evening. Every time a fresh cup is safe, so long as your body can well take caffeine, so you don’t feel jumpy or cause palpitations.

Black tea is truly a good product to help you lose weight, and alongside that, every moment you consume, you get a bunch of nutrients. The item missing in your weight loss regime could be some cups of black tea every day. Don’t predict any immediate or dramatic teacup impacts. If you want to lose weight, include black tea and good diet, rest and exercise in your daily routine.

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