The Hidden Benefits You Do not Know of Black Cumin for Weight Loss

You will be happy to know that there is a more natural option that can help you lose weight instead of pills or chemicals. If you’re wondering what natural herb we’re talking about, it is black cumin, the most powerful herb for weight loss.

Black cumin is an ancient seed that has been valued for over 3,000 years by many societies and religions. In Islamic culture, Prophet Muhammad referred to it as a seed that healed “all diseases but death.”

Black cumin oil has even been found in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, according to Natural Living Ideas. As a digestive help, Hippocrates, Greek physician, recommended black cumin.

Reginald Campbell’s 1924 Assyrian Herbal Book is full of descriptions for potent plant-based drugs, including black cumin that was used in that culture. Black cumin seeds were used to treat most disorders from skin diseases to digestive disorders.

A Teaspoon of Black Cumin Seed Daily Can Help You Lose Weight

People quickly realized that black cumin can be used for weight control as well as being a true treatment for a number of different diseases.

black cumin for weight loss
A Teaspoon of Black Cumin Seed Daily Can Help You Lose Weight

Researchers have been learning more about the connection between cumin and fat burning in recent years. The connection between black cumin and weight loss is made by a variety of researches.

A recent study at the University of Medical Sciences in Tabriz showed that black cumin has weight loss benefits, especially when overweight individuals ingested before meals.

A research examined 50 obese females, with some participants who were divided into two groups: the first group was the (black cumin group) and the second was a placebo. Both groups were having the same moderate diet of fat. The women who were part of the “black cumin group” had significantly more weight loss than placebo group.

Those in the black cumin lost weight four times than the placebo group. Overall, their decrease in body fat was 8% (rather than 2%). Another research by the University of Medicine School of Sam Ratulangi found comparable outcomes in obese men.

Men between the ages of 30 and 45 were placed in a placebo group and a treatment group. The treatment group (those receiving black cumin) also had good outcomes in this research.

“Central obesity complaints disappear in the first week, very significant body weight reduction, systolic blood pressure, and waist circumference.”

How Does Black Cumin Work?

Black cumin seeds have large phytosterol concentrations. Phytosterols are cholesterol-like plant fats from animal fats. Phytosterols, when ingested, restrict how much cholesterol the body absorbs.

black cumin for weight loss

“Consuming phytosterols in prescribed amounts have been shown to reduce total cholesterol by up to 10 percent and LDL or “bad”cholesterol by up to 14 percent, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

A research was conducted on sedentary overweight women released in the Journal of Preventive Medicine to see what effects black cumin supplementation and aerobic training had on the lipid profiles of the participants.

The evidence indicated that “2 g/day of N. Sativa in combination with an aerobic exercise program offers important changes in LDL-cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol which are recognized to affect the risk of CVD in sedentary women.

It was also found that black cumin balances blood sugar concentrations. It does this by raising the sensitivity of cells to both insulin and glucose, making sure your body reacts to them well.

According to Natural Living Ideas, black cumin helps with weight loss by enhancing glucose absorption and concentrations.

Anyone with diabetes is conscious that low insulin generates carbs and sweets cravings and high insulin can trigger extreme thirst, nausea, and fatigue.

Black cumin also includes exceptionally high amounts of oleic acid in addition to phytosterols. Because of Oleic acid, olive oil is highly recommended for those who try to lose weight. This fatty acid speeds up the pace of fat burning in your body. Extra virgin olive oil has much of oleic acid, sure, but there’s 2500% more in black cumin oil.

Black cumin is particularly efficient because it mixes phytosterols with oleic acid in one natural food source. Studies have proven that mixing these stuff is efficient in reducing body weight.

black cumin for weight loss

 Simply by constantly consuming black cumin, you are balancing your blood sugar, controlling your cravings, and watching excess weight drop off. Please be sure to consult your expert or doctor if you are diabetic before beginning a black cumin regimen.

The Best Way to Consume Black Cumin for Weight Loss

There are some ways to efficiently take black cumin. A loose powder is the first. The problem with powder is that it does not always blend well with food. When you add it to your food, you need to mix very well as it is quite aromatic and has a powerful, peppery flavor.

You may also take pills of black cumin. Many producers are available online for black cumin pills. However, dosage and bioavailability are the main issues with pills.

Pills are produced differently from manufacturer to manufacturer, with different purity concentrations and it is not simple to adapt your dosage to the requirements of your body.

The most focused and probably easiest way to take black cumin seed is in the form of oil. Add the oil to a glass of water, and you may sweeten it with honey, mixed it in your salad dressing or add some to stir-fry meals after cooking. You can also drink the oil directly, though many find that the flavor is too intense for that.

It has been found that black cumin oil, among the more recently discovered ones, is full of benefits for those who are looking for a weight loss solution.

Using the oil instead of a powder or pill will give you a power you can’t get in any other way.

Remember that for overall health, any strategy for weight loss should involve regular exercises, enough sleep, plenty of water and nutritious meals.

Remember again that black cumin has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels, so you should consult your doctor or expert before you take it.

Black cumin is a strong antioxidant that can affect your liver and kidneys as well.

There are many black cumin seed products on the market, but very few satisfy the performance standard you should be looking for. Make sure when choosing your black cumin oil or related products in general, that you get the one that is extracted from pure black cumin seeds that are GMO-free and organic.

Most importantly, don’t deal with products that use heat or friction to obtain their oils because they affect the seed’s nutrients.

Our Perfect Black Cumin Oil products hit the important aspects of excellent black cumin oil. Refer to our recommended products menu. Discover the benefits of our Black Cumin Oil products to obviously boost your weight loss plan’s pace and efficiency.

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